I became active in Royal Rangers when the program was started in 1962. I have served in many positions from outpost commander to regional coordinator. About five years ago I had a brain tumor removed and was forced to resign as regional coordinator and from all other Royal Ranger duties. Rangers was a big part of my life, and suddenly it seemded my ministry was gone. What a distressing feeling that was. I was excited when I heard about the RRA program and how I could continue to be involved in the ministry. I am 70 years old and still want to be involved in 'reaching boys for Christ'. The RRA provides me that opportunity.

Shorty Wills, North Texas district, Athens, TX

I am still involved in Royal Rangers, although I am 77 years old, as it gives me an outlet for my artistic talents as I prepare decorations for Ranger events, help the boys design and build their Pinewood Derby cars, make life-sized cutout cartoons for fundraising. I also use my Army training (sergeant in Korea) to help with the orderly assembly of the boys at outpost meetings and campouts.

Sal DiGaetano, Outpost 64, Orchard Park, NY

Our local Royal Rangers outpost has the longest continuous charter in Iowa. My fater-in-law was among the first commanders in the orginal group. I have two sons who have gone through the Rangers program, and have an 8-year-old grandson who is currently a Ranger here in Keokuk. My work schedule has not allowed me to be a full-time commander for several years. However, the RRA concept has given me opportunities to minister in our local outpost once more. I am pleased to be able to help again as my schedule allows. It is most rewarding to see young men grow in their faith as they advance in the Rangers program. The many activities (campouts, Pinewood Derby, fishing trips, etc.) help to teach them life skills, and the outpost meetings teach them spiritual skills. The Royal Rangers ministry has been a most important part of our fellowship since 1962.

John Pollitt, Iowa districk, Keokuk, IA

Royal Rangers will always be a big part of my life. I have been active in Royal Rangers for 25 years and have traveled overseas on several occasions as part of a national training team. Two years ago I was hospitalized with an aneurysm. My doctor advised me to curtail all activities that would caus stress or excitement as this condition could reoccur. I was thrilled when Commander Lemke told me about the RRA and how I could continue to be part of Rangers as my health permitted. I attended the district powwow this past year and helped in the concession stand. What a joy it is to be involved in RRA and be able to encourage other young men to carry on the Royal Rangers ministry.

Boby Posey, Oklahoma district, Oklahoma City, OK

Thank you for the information on the Royal Rangers Alumni. What a great way to try to keep up with so many that have faithfully served over the years but are not directly affiliated with an outpost now.

Ronald Zielke from Birmingham Alabama

What a great blessing the RRA Ministry means to him. " I have been praying for a long time for something like the Royal Rangers Alumni ministry so that I could continue being a part of Royal Rangers. This is an answer to my prayers. I told my friend about the RRA. He use to be a commander but is not unable to walk and he is limited to what he can do in the Ranger outpost. My friend was very exicited about the RRA and can hardly wait to get the application. This is a great ministry, please keep up the great work".

Wayne Alexender from Falkville Alabama

What a joy it was to learn more about the exciting activities of the Royal Rangers Alumni!

Listening to the plans and goals envisioned for the RRA made me want to join up immediately.

The news of the forthcoming October reunion at Camp Eagle Rock sounds like fun and excitement, and I plan to be there, if possible.

I know you've put a lot of your talent and dedication into this new ministry and I admire you for it. Your willingness to promote it and operate it deserves my highest commendation.

May God continue to add His richest blessings to you and your family in your great ministry for the Master Ranger, Jesus Christ.

Don Franklin